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Afternoon all,

As I have said all along since we began our girls football journey, if you want to know what culture is in a football club….‘IT IS EVERYTHING’.

We are 2 rounds into the season, hopefully everyone is enjoying their SBL Wolves, 2021 experience so far, whether new to the club or have been with us since our start.

People possibly don’t realize that in 2021, with over 180 junior girls and since our last game in 2019, nearly half of our girls (87) have actually just played their first game with SBL Wolves within the last 2 weeks….quite staggering to be honest.

I just wanted to pass on to our entire Wolves family of the feedback sent in from the league from the first 2 rounds.

Umpires reports that have been submitted back into the league have complimented on the extremely good behaviour from all SBL wolves players, supporters and staff and the league have congratulated us for this and mention how it is a great reflection of what we are about.

This feedback has come to me officially from league management.

I personally want to extend this congratulations and say thank you for being an awesome group of families that a get to now call friends….every one of you.

Please keep this up for the remainder of the season and enjoy our game and club at whatever level we are in and have as much fun as possible.

Keep up this amazing culture as with this culture, everything else falls into place.

See you all around the grounds.

Go Wolves!



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